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Sudden Switch To Remote Learning Means Particular Challenge For Students With Special Needs
WCBS, November 21, 2020

Everything you need to know before your child’s IEP entitlements ends
Wolf + Friends, November 10, 2020

Schools The New Normal: Special Needs School Teaching Students New Routines to Safely Navigate Daily Life.
WCBS, September 10, 2020

Gary Mayerson on Curious Jane with Jane Hanson.
Curious Jane, August 25, 2020

Gary Mayerson on Turn Autism Around Podcast.
Turn Autism Around, August 21, 2020

Supreme Court FAPE Ruling May Be A Watershed Moment
Disability Scoop, April 7, 2017

Supreme Court Breakthrough For Kids With Autism and Other Disabilities
By: Gary S. Mayerson NY Daily News - March 27, 2017

How a New Supreme Court Ruling Could Affect Special Education
The Atlantic - March 23, 2017

Supreme Court sets higher bar for education of students with disabilities
Washington Post - March 22, 2017

The Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of A Special Education Student
NPR - March 22, 2017

Supreme Court weighs heavily in favor of special ed rights
Education DIVE - March 22, 2017

The Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of A Special Education Student
WPSU Penn State - March 22, 2017

Supreme Court Nominee Faced Range of K-12 Issues on Federal Bench
Education Week - February 7, 2017

Is the Bar Too Low for Special Education?
The Atlantic - January 24, 2017

Why the Supreme Court special education case about a boy with autism is so sickening
The Washington Post - January 12, 2017

Special Education Case At Supreme Court Could Prove Costly For Schools
The Huffington Post - December 8, 2016

Program helps workers with autism find the perfect job
New York Post - November 6, 2016

Avonte Oquendo's Grieving Brother Finds Mentor After Tragedy
DNAinfo - May 23, 2016

Spectrum shift
The Economist - April 16, 2016

Avonte Oquendo's brother pursues career in law to help autism community
New York PIX 11 - April 4, 2016

Clover teachers accused of abuse against autistic children"
FOX 46 - February 22, 2016

Anti-Bullying law and tips for parents to fight against bullying
NY PIX 11 - February 19, 2016

City to pay for bullied girl's private school tuition
New York Post - January 21, 2016

Trump backs autism group that rejects his views
The Boston Globe - September 18, 2015

Federal jury decides former Darien district employee abused special education student
Darien Times - August 11, 2015

Parents sue school after autistic son disappears for 12 hours
New York Post - January 22, 2015

Interview with NJ Monthly Magazine, Aging Out: Desperately Seeking Services for Autistic Adults, (November 2014)

Class Action Lawsuit Alleges City's Department of Education Fails Special Needs Students
NBC New York - November 5, 2014

Danny Oquendo Starts Law School on Mission to Become Legal Advocate for Autistic Kids
NBC New York - August 21, 2014

Autistic NJ teen helps his football team win the championship
December 15, 2013

NYPD expanding search for missing autistic teen Avonte Oquendo to Long Island, New Jersey
October 15, 2013

$5,000 reward offered for safe return of missing Autistic teen
October 10, 2013

Anthony Starego Press Release
By: Gary S. Mayerson September 27, 2013

Anthony Starego's Parents File an Appeal of Federal Court Ruling
September 11, 2013

“The Importance of the Express Provisions of the IEP for Students with Disabilities and the Impact of R.E. v. N.Y.C. Dep’t of Educ.”
By: Maria C. McGinley, Spring 2013, Elder and Special Needs Law Journal (Vol. 23, No. 3)

“What Are Your Legal Entitlements Now That Your Child Has Been Diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum?”
By: Maria C. McGinley, Fall 2012, Autism Spectrum News

“Transitioning Into Adulthood: Working with Your School District to Best Meet the Needs of Your Child”
By: Maria C. McGinley, Spring 2012, Autism Spectrum News

How to Combine Cooperation and Advocacy at Your IEP Meeting
By: Maria C. McGinley, Autism Spectrum News, Spring 2011, page 14

Tug of War over Costs to Educate the Autistic
New York Times - April 18, 2009

Parents of Special-Needs Children Divided over Palin's Promise to Help
New York Times - September 7, 2008

Disabilities Fight Grows as Taxes Pay for Tuition
New York Times - October 27, 2007

Amid Affluence, a Struggle Over Special Education
New York Times - April 24, 2005

Check From the City Arrives, Along With a Few Extra Zeros
New York Times - April 21, 2005

An honest city lawyer, honest!
Daily News - April 21, 2005

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