Striving to bring a sense of normalcy to a constantly changing environment

March 18, 2020
Dear Friends,
We are pleased to hear that our updates are providing you with some comfort in this time of crisis. As families with children having special needs, you have always faced extraordinary challenges, and Mayerson & Associates has been there to help you sort things out.
Today, our commitment to your family remains steadfast. We are here working to help you understand what the “new normal” means and how to best address your family’s needs and bring your matters across the finish line as expeditiously and efficiently as possible.
While we strive to bring a sense of normalcy to the process, we know that the current, constantly changing environment is not "business as usual." We want to continue to advise you of our efforts while continuing to offer the same personalized services we always have.
Things are moving at such a frenetic pace. Many schools and providers are moving toward remote learning and this looks different for every child and family. Providers may be contacting you stating that things you thought would work, will no longer be covered and things you never thought of will. Government officials are modifying the rules and implementing new restrictions on a near-daily basis. What is an option today, may not be available tomorrow. For that reason, before making any changes or decisions, be sure to contact us so that we have the opportunity to talk everything through with you.
We have set up multiple remote offices around the tri-state area. Our firm’s response to the COVID-19 crisis includes:
  • Phone and video conferences with clients, schools, and providers.
  • Outreach to senior DOE officials who can provide additional information regarding settlements, hearings, pendency funding, reimbursements and direct funding.
  •  Ongoing efforts to expeditiously and efficiently advance settlement negotiations and cases awaiting Comptroller approval and/or executed stipulations.
  • Proactive planning and strategizing of cases that are (or should be) proceeding to hearing, taking into account the many unique factors within each matter (Note: We are continuing to litigate cases by way of telephone – Hearing Officers, attorneys, parents, witnesses and court reporters are all calling into one conference call number and the hearing is proceeding telephonically).
  • Continual pendency, reimbursement and direct funding submissions to try to get our families funding as quickly as possible.
  • Informing the DOE of changes to your program.
  • Daily team think-tank calls to analyze the day’s “new normal” and its implications on our families.
We know you will continue to have many questions. Please continue to reach out to us with those questions and we will remain in touch and connected.
Your Team at Mayerson & Associates