Autism NJ’s 38th Annual Conference: Maria McGinley & Jackie DeVore presented on the topic of Due Process 101

When a dispute arises between a family and school district that is not able to be resolved, IDEA and NJ regulations provide families of children with autism and other disabilities with due process rights. Maria McGinley and Jackie DeVore presented at Autism NJ's 38th Annual Conference on October 15, 202, on the topic of Special Education Due Process 101. This presentation provided an overview of what those due process rights are and the nuts and bolts of filing for due process in NJ. Parents learned the basics of what to expect after they file, including the due process response from the school district, sufficiency, the resolution process, mediation, the involvement of NJ’s Office of Administrative Law, “stay put” entitlements, “discovery,” settlement, and actual hearings (including burdens of proof).