An important update from Mayerson & Associates

April 24, 2020

We wanted to update you on some important developments that may require your attention.

On Tuesday, the DOE released additional guidance regarding remote learning, the expectation that students will receive services remotely to the extent feasible, the manner in which remote services should be provided, and some of the documentation we may need to provide to the DOE to establish how your child’s educational program and services are appropriately supporting their individual needs. If your child is currently receiving in-person educational programming or services, please reach out to your attorney here at the firm to discuss this aspect of your case.
Many of our clients have already provided us with correspondence from schools, examples of your child’s work, other school materials, and images/videos showing your child engaged in remote learning. If you have not already had a discussion with your attorney about this, please reach out at this time. We want to ensure that we are maintaining the proper documentation and support to show that your child’s educational program is, in fact, individualizing remote instruction to meet your child’s needs. We also have received additional guidance from the legal director of the DOE’s Special Education Unit regarding what COVID-19- related documentation will be required when making submissions under pendency, winning decisions and settlements. Please reach out to discuss what may be needed in your matter.
While we are continuing to bring our 2019-2020 matters across the finish line, our office is fully underway with planning for the 20-21 school year. We are reviewing and revising some of our strategies to meet the ever-changing climate. For example, a number of families have participated in telephonic IEP meetings and some students have been “assessed” remotely. While some schools have begun issuing timelines for reopening in September, we still do not know for certain when most schools will actually reopen or what safety-related measures will be implemented. Each situation is unique and warrants an equally unique approach. We look forward to our continued partnership with your family. Be assured that our team is upholding its mission during these challenging times.
Our thoughts are with all of you who have lost someone or who are fighting to survive this virus. We wish everyone good health and safety.